The Unserved / Underserved Broadband Problem


Many communities across America have inadequate broadband coverage to support their community (residents, farms, businesses and community institutions).  Broadband service providers, such as telephone companies, internet service providers (ISP), cable TV providers, wireless and cellular do not currently reach everywhere. Federal efforts have expanded broadband availability, however, the high cost of building infrastructure in the remaining unserved and underserved locations are preventing universal broadband coverage.  Gaps in broadband coverage will persist without a process that is specifically designed to ensure all locations in a service area get served.  A public-private partnership program allowing local communities to direct the broadband buildout in their service areas can best leverage federal, state and local money with private investment from broadband companies to solve this problem.


The Mission Broadband Solution

Public/Private Partnerships: Couple federal funding with local government funding and private investment to cover the capital costs to build the network infrastructure required to expand broadband access to unserved and underserved areas.

How it Works

Counties and municipalities are well-positioned to identify their unserved and underserved areas.

Through an open and competitive bidding process that considers overall cost, these local entities select either an incumbent broadband provider or a new municipality solution.


  • Cost Effective

  • Contractually guarantees price, bandwidth, coverage, quality, and performance

  • Incentivizes Public/Private partnerships

  • Efficiently uses federal funds by coupling with local and private investment


Establishing Rural Broadband Networks that Support Healthcare

ProInfoNet is a family of companies focusing on independent networking.

HealthConnect Networks is a division dedicated to building non-profit healthcare networks.

Mission Broadband is a division dedicated to expanding broadband to unserved and underserved communities throughout America.

Our History:

  • Independent Telecommunications consulting company founded in 1995

  • Secured $24.6M in FCC funding to design and implement the New England Telehealth Consortium network

  • HCN now helps over 2400 health care providers in 25 states leverage FCC/Rural Health Care subsidies to expand broadband networks for healthcare

Our health care providers tell us:

  • They cannot provide telemedicine service to many of their rural patients due to lack of adequate broadband.

  • Many of their employees do not have adequate residential broadband.


Helping Bring Broadband to Unserved and Underserved Communities